~ Grounded Practice ~

Are you contemplating starting your own solo private practice this year?  Have you recently started a private practice but feel things aren’t going as smoothly as they could be?  This package could help save you time and money by getting you started the right way straight away. 

  • Tips on how to set yourself up, including how to get your first clients,
  • Guidance to help you meet Medicare compliance and associated templates,
  • Psychometric tracking spreadsheets to save you from having to pay for subscription software.

I have learnt that keeping things simple is the key to not burning out in private practice.  This package provides simple systems and will help keep your overheads low, thus allowing you more time to spend doing the things you love outside work.  All this available for $165, including GST. See more detailed information below.

private practice starter pack

Grounded Practice package for mental health professionals

Starter guide/ checklist

- Information on setting up your workspace
- Tips for setting up admin and finance systems
- How to get your first clients

psychometric spreadsheets & graphs

1. DASS-21,
2. PHQ-9, GAD-7 and the Valuing Questionnaire Progress Scale (VQPro)
3. Specifically for men the Male Depression Risk Scale (MDRS), PHQ-9, GAD-7 and VQPro.
Each of the 3 spreadsheet allows you to monitor progress over 15 sessions.

Medicare guidance

- Simple explanation of the Better Access system
- Works with included templates to help you meet Medicare compliance


- Case notes template,
- Client acceptance letter
- Report at end of treatment cycle for your referrers.

informed consent

- A template providing ideas of what to include in your personal informed consent
- Let people know about your cancellation policy and other important information

CPD log template

- A mechanism to document CPD for psychologists, with up to one area of practice endorsement.
- Removes the need to rely on membership only software.

What therapists are saying about Grounded Practice

“As someone who has recently shifted to private practice, I found the Medicare Guidance very useful.  Combined with the associated Medicare templates it really helped in my transition to working in private practice.”

“Grounded Practice provided me with lots of useful information that I wouldn’t have the time or inclination to produce myself.”

*Please note:

If you would like a CPD log for Occupational Therapists, get in contact, I’m happy to include this in your package at no extra cost.

Spreadsheets may not work on versions of Microsoft Excel older than 2007, they have been produced using Microsoft 365.  Support or refunds cannot be provided if you have an older version of Excel and the spreadsheet doesn’t work for you.